Soa J. Hwang is a British-Korean artist based in London. Her work questions our perception, the illusion and fallibility of images and our slippery relationship with the truth.

She utilises computational technology and machine language as hybrid tool to paint with, reinventing and extending the boundaries and experience of painting and embracing it as an evolutionary medium.

Soa J. Hwang studied MA in Interactive Digital Media, Ravensbourne, UAL (2016), MFA in Painting, Slade, UCL (2008) and BFA in Painting, Hongik University (2005) in South Korea. 

She is currently taking part in the Peer Social Artist program hosted by Raven Row, London and took part in Peer Forum (2018-2019) at Cubitt, London. Recent exhibitions include Through The Looking Glass, Ugly Duck, London (2019); The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art, CICA Museum, South Korea (2018); Trajectories, Watermans Art Centre (2018); London Creative Network_2nd Edition, SPACE (2017). Residencies include with Collusion, VR/AR Artists’ Lab, Cambridge (2017).

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